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Cathartic writing

Writing in such anonymous blogs is my way of releasing those unaccounted, unaddressed emotions which are hard to express elsewhere. I don't write stuff for any monetary benefits but I still want more and more people to read it, not to make my blog popular but to seek other people's view. They say writing is… Continue reading Cathartic writing



I don't have a fear of death like most people do. But I sure as hell am scared of the way I die. It is common knowledge that we all come with an expiry date so why fear? All I care and wish is when that day comes I leave this world with a contented heart and… Continue reading Death


Are second chances overrated?

I am sure everybody at some point in their life must have felt the need for a do-over, a second chance at life. Felt a very strong need to just wipe out certain chapters or portions of their life and start over again. Cause we all are accident-prone mistake-making humans.  Sometimes you cannot blame people for… Continue reading Are second chances overrated?